Guys… go home…

The winning team has been formed!
Team Uskomaton – It’s Finnish for Incredible! Get Educated!


From left to right: Pascal Stegmann, Sunil Kallur Ramegowda, Morteza Neishaboori, Yuri Barssi and Craig Kershaw 


So after forming our team we swiftly got down to brainstorming ideas for our new business venture… it went well, it was very open and free for all ideas and we had a good time discussing future world possibilities.

After a short break we had 5 other businesses come and talk to us, explaining their own experiences and what problems, solutions and challenges they face. The companies were (HERE, U-HOPPER, FONECTA, P&G, URBAN MILL and SPACIFY). From all the information provided by the companies, we were challenged with creating a Business Model Canvas for one of the companies. We chose U-HOPPER and specifically their RetailerIN application.


Team Lead Pascal pondering over exactly how awesome our Business Model Canvas is looking.

After creating a Kick-Ass Business Model Canvas, we had another lecture about Starting our own Businesses, it was a good and informative lecture, but I felt most people listening had heard a lot about this before from previous lectures through the previous year.

All around a good day… and we are looking forward to the days ahead.



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