#day3 – Product Development Time

We were extremely inspired today by amazing lecture on Service Design by Risto Sarvas. After plentiful advices on fast idea development and making prototypes efficiently, going early to the market and all the useful benefits of “fake it before you make it” technique in order to get early proofs of concepts and help distinguish poor solutions (and most importantly problems) from good and excellent ones.

Also the part that stuck with us most was the one about product advertizing and we were very much pushed to the fire by Risto, as we needed to decide extremely fast on which problem, that we were thinking of, to tackle first and try to build our case around. Quick decision making proved to be no big problem for our group and in the battle between B2G and B2B model we had, we decided to work on one that could potentially incorporate both. In accordance with our decision we made our first Advertizing poster, could you see what we came up with, just by looking at it.

Fake Ad RevisedDuring the work on our poster, although we were among last groups to finish, we also came up with an original and playful logo for our group and we got very nice feedback to our work. Next stop, getting to the market and trying to find proof of concept! Challenge accepted!


As all other teams, our group was too extremely happy about the visit to the MultiTouch which did amaze us with their powerful technology and great team that represented its solutions. It was truly an eye opening experience and motivation for future tasks and a real injection of enthusiasm for the challenges we will face ahead in upcoming days.

Hope tomorrow gets even better, we will do our best to be so.


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