Awesome lecture/company visit/mini golf

We started the day yesterday with a lecture on service design given by @rsarvas… It was great, he made our team really think about the problem our idea will solve and also forced us make really quick decisions about it for an advertising campaign.


Some of my favourite quotes from the lecture include:

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.”


“If your idea doesn’t solve a problem it’s just a work of art.”

I really enjoyed this lecture, super interesting!
After the lecture we all took a bus to a company across the harbour from the Hotel. MULTITOUCH. It was an amazing place, they build huge touch screen interfaces with really innovative and interesting interaction techniques. I particularly enjoyed playing with all these interactions for the first time after being taught about them in my lectures in the previous year.
Here’s some photo s and videos from the visit:




Finally we finished the day all socialising with a game of mini golf 🙂 super fun!

Best day so far!



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