#Day3 Team Aqua

Team Aqua had a busy evening, as it was a birthday of one of the team member.

So continuing with explaining the whole day activity in reverse order, before the birthday all of us went to play Golf, it was an exciting experience as most of us were playing golf for the first time 😀


So lets get to Company visit; visiting Multi Taction , an amazing and quite innovative company. They just have a great culture of team work, and innovation. The coffee and the croissants makes us remember as if were  in Italy. We were very interested to understand the core technology used for Multi Touch functionality. We were discussing that if the company also provide an SDK for developing multi touch customized applications, and yes they do have it. And there API as told by their CEO also complement other development API. They have solutions that are working in medical services, like web microscope etc. As far as the vision is considered, when one of our team asked them; there reply was, they see themselves as focused only on adding more features on there existing infrastructure.


So lets come to the morning lecture. Amazing lecture by @rsarvas ; quite interactive, full of exercises that helped us shape our Business idea. In the lecture the professor motivated us to test the value proposition instantly. He described his experience about creating the proper value proposition and its importance. Normally companies spend one month or more for the coming up with a proper value proposition, and than testing it. But @rsarvas explained us, that it is better to create a value proposition for your idea and test it on everyday basis and with this procedure we can shape our value proposition. And to get feedback and what value we provide  to our customers, @rsarvas explained us to make a fake advertisement, go to our customer and get the feedback. This procedure will help us understand in more detail about the problem our customer is facing.


And finally our fake advertisement for our business idea; ReCiPe SelcTor





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