Working, Re-working and listening

Today, after a late start.., we began by focusing on the project development. We had to start from the beginning since Team A-MOOSE stole our whiteboard and erased all our work (we found it as amusing as their team name). Good to note for everyone – take photos of your whiteboards and don’t erase other people stuff without asking. Anyways we worked well, and the idea is really coming along, we’ve also completed the Business Canvas Model.



After the team work we had a quick talk from a company this is working upstairs called 720° that tracks air in businesses to monitor the health of it’s employees, super interesting!

In the afternoon we had a lecture by Aape Pohjavirta… Crazy guy! But interesting lecture. Not sure I agree with his female only presenter rule, but the general notion of thinking about the WHY and the 3 points to create an interesting story was valuable to know. His advice on how to make PowerPoint slides was especially good. Maybe this lecture could have been useful a bit earlier in the summer school!



2 thoughts on “Working, Re-working and listening

  1. Sorry guys for deleting, it was 7 p.m. of Friday evening and we thought you were done with that. Moreover, that was OUR whiteboard so you stole it first 😉

    BTW I agree, this kind of lecture might have been a perfect intro for the summer school.

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