Getting Ready for the finals!


And so the summer school continues, on the third day of the second week of the summer school, just one day before the final presentations the teams make the final adjustments and receive valuable feedback from the mentors.


The team SmartSix, discusses the final details on how to do the financial protections in an effective way and an extensive market research is performed during the day in order to find the right statistics to prove the value of the company.

In the morning Cormac Walsh from Fonecta talks about his experience on starting companies. Right after Jesse Sandqvist shares his knowledge about marketing and presents his insights about the future of marketing and how it is changing because people are not so receptive to advertisement anymore.


After lunch Mikko Nurmi talks about user experience, a very interesting talk for the HCID students, in my case is an area that I want to specialize in so it’s encouraging to see startups focusing in this business and having an idea of how user experience works in the industry. Afterwards Jyri Hämäläinen talks about Open innovation and shares his perspective on standardization and knowledge sharing between academy and industry and how the EU does efforts to facilitate innovation.


After the lectures we continued working on the Final presentations and getting ready for the big day!

Miguel Rodriguez



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