Lots of lectures and final presentation prep!

Today we had a day with lots of lectures the first was from Cormac Walsh about setting up a start-up company, it was quite interesting, but it felt as if he was talking only from is own experience and obviously everyone’s experience is going to be different. So I guess it’s difficult what exactly it takes to set up a start-up company. Just lots of hard work! He gave some good advice about the DO’s and DON’Ts of running a start-up such as only take 6 months worth of the money and the development should be paid for by the customers.

The next presentation was by Jesse Sandqvist about digital marketing. It was a good lecture with great slide, but I felt it was quite hard to follow! He had some good points on the future of marketing, suggesting that it’s now about C2B and not B2C. The challenge is to get the customer to approach the business.


We also had a really good lecture from Mikko Nurmi about User Experience. I personally was really interested in this lecture as I would like to go in to this field after graduating. It was particularly interesting to find out how a user experience agency works and good to know they actually go out and visit user in the field for their work.


The final lecture was by Jyri Hämäläinen from NOKIA Open Innovation, he spoke about NOKIA case studies such as standardisation, and some graphene thing.It be honest it was difficult to follow too. An interesting part was when he suggested that universities really contribute to them when they collaborate together because the open innovation is ingrained in them.

After a good first presentation and some valuable feedback yesterday we finished up our presentation slides and spent the evening creating our user-story and practicing the pitch.


See you for the presentation showdown tomorrow!!



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