How time flies!!

Unfortunately, we are coming end of the summer school. Everybody is excited because of the presentations. Our guests(Oulu summer school) arrived yesterday but they are not seen excited like us 🙂

Anyway, in the morning we went Startup Sauna. We found a quite untidy place. They said the reason is party which they had last week. President of Aaltoes Kasper Suomalainen gave us a presentation about their startups and events. They advised us to “Get out our comfort zone”. During the presentation we started thinking about how lucky they are. After this impressive presentation, we took a tour inside their working space.     




2014-08-21 09.44.17


When we arrived to the open innovation house, room was arranged in a different format. But luckily  we found our table 🙂

2014-08-21 11.41.08


Presentation started about what is computer vision? Ivan Laptev showed us some mockups to understand it. After the mockups, we learnt some applications like, visual search, predicting crowd behaviour and counting people, motion capture and animation.

After lunch, 10 groups started their presentations. All groups did very well work.


Congratulations Uskomaton !!





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