Presentations day!

Today, the summer school day started with a nice visit to a sauna. This is not your regular sauna that you might be thinking of, this was the startup sauna, which is located at the campus of Alto University in Helsinki. In these facilities, new entrepreneurs have the chance to begin their journey with their new startups, where they will be given the space for free where they can work as well as get additional benefits, most important of which is coaching for their new business. But that is not all, the startup sauna not only offers this for the new startups, they also have different programmes, where they shape the new startups and lead them on the road to success, they organize meetings and conferences, where the new businesses get to meet investors, who might be interested in them.

Startup Sauna


After that, we went back to our classroom, where we had to present our work that we’ve been working on for the past two weeks. The day before, the other summer school in Finland joined us too, so today we were a bigger group, which means double the ideas! It was very interesting to see the ideas that our colleagues from Future Cloud summer school had come up with, and most of them were quite good ideas too!

SmartSix presenting Tryon

Once we were finished with the presentations, we got the chance to socialize more with our colleagues during lunch time, some of which we knew from before, and some of which were coming from other EIT ICT Labs nodes. It was fun, however the suspense was keeping us thrilled to go back to the classroom, where the feedback for our presentations was to be given to us, and more importantly, the best teams from both the summer schools were to be announced.

GIM - the smiling, happy robot!

Unfortunately for us, our team didn’t get to win, however we still felt proud for our colleagues and for the fact that the jury and the organizers were happy with us and the progress we’ve done during the two weeks of time. We were also awarded with certificates for completing the summer school.

In the end there was an event for the launch of the Helsinki ICT – a doctoral school by EIT. We got the chance to meet with some of the fellow students who will be attending this school, so we had some fun time and dinner at the restaurant in the Open Innovation Center.




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