Grading Criteria & Checklist


Projects are graded on two aspects:

  1. A business proposal / pitch as presented in front of a panel à 50%
  2. A written report submitted within two weeks after the summer school à 50%


Regarding the business proposal, the panel will only judge the quality and feasibility of the business proposal (“will it fly?”).

The written report contains details of your proposal, documents the project work, the motivations for taking certain directions and decisions, and the team process, including individual contribution.

To help the business panel, please prepare an A4 team sheet with:

  • Name of project group – team
  • Members of the team with photo’s
  • Title of the business idea / proposal
  • Summary of the proposal (50- 150 words)

Pitch presentation:

  • 7 minutes + 3 Q/A, 10 – 15 slides
  • “sell idea to VC” i.e. specify how much money you need

Evaluation criteria

Presentation evaluation criteria

A) Overall proposed solution ___ / 20 %

  • Understanding of user’s need and market Degree of innovation in the proposed solution
  • Coherence problem /solution and feasibility

B) Business model and plan ___ / 20 %

  • The feasibility and quality of the business model
  • The marketability of the proposed venture
  • The financial return of the proposed venture

C) Presentation; quality of Q-A __/ 10 %

  • Delivers the pitch with passion, heart and enthusiasm. Grabs your attention with a hook/interesting opener.
  • The quality of the team members’ responses to questions from the judges

Written report evaluation criteria

A) Business model and plan ____ / 20 %

  • Explains the need/niche that product/service will fill
  • Explains the benefit/competitive advantage of the product or service
  • Explains how the product will be sold, brought to market, etc. see checklist

B) Business development process ___ / 20 %

  • Explains the entire process how the group came up with the proposed solution and the business plan; both contents wise and with respect to the process.
  • Learning experience: what did you learn? Contents and process wise?

C ) Overall Quality of report ___/ 10 %

  • Use of references, structure, readability and style.

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