Hump day

Amazing day today! First we started with a selfie or I would say groupie with our first lecturer Cormac Walsh. He told us very interesting stuff about startups, we discussed that the two currently trendy areas are SaaS and consumer markets, how we should have personal and financial freedom when we are starting a business, how we shouldn’t hire friends and so on. He stressed that the team and the idea have to be equally good and you have to be very stubborn in order to succeed.

If you are in the right stage of your life, do it.

The marketing presentation by Jesse Sandqvist was also cool, telling us how mass markets are turning into a mass of niches, and B2C is going C2B. We discussed the factor of loyalty, which nowadays turns out to be the most important thing you want to achieve and how nobody wants a price-driven costumers. For startups, it turns out that the most effective marketing is to use your own media – packages, social media, mailing lists, etc.In the end we discussed the trendy topic of marketing automation and how hard it is to interact with customers’ different systems.

The last presentation, and for me the most important one was about User Experience by Mikko Nurmi. He covered the lifecycle of Service Design that creates or improves existing services by making them more useful, usable and efficient for everyone – consumers, businesses, organizations. 

Afterwards the fun part begun! We realized that Berkay and Francesco have the same bags.


Afterwards, we had to finish our presentation and we were working on our report so we can complete it before leaving Helsinki on Friday. We had to pick photos for our team sheet. Turned out that this is a very hard task for some of us 😀 (I won’t mention names). We also discovered that we have a secret karaoke singer among us and we are waiting for his performance! 😀 Outside was raining anyway so we did our best but we had to continue in the hotel lobby after the dinner with the guys from Oulu’s summer school of Future Cloud that arrived today. We socialized a bit and we practiced our presentation afterwards. Tomorrow is the big day, no doubt we will be the best team! 😀


Day #3.. a-mooouse

#7:01 AM Waking up, showers, preparations, then breakfast.. there was a storm during the night so everyone looks kinda sleepy.

#8:32 AM Leaving for the summer school, today we were adventurous and took bus 102 instead of 103 😀

#9:02 AM Now, vote! Should we go to play mini-golf after the company visit or not? What about the weather? Decisions, decisions..

#9:05 AM Risto presented himself and the Service Design workshop is about to start. He is a hobby photographer and is going to have an exhibition #snapshot. I think we should go, he also told us about other interesting thing going to happen around the city.. summer in Helsinki is exciting (if it doesn’t rain)!

#9:11 AM No, please! Discussion number 2198212837 on what is innovation. Happily, this one was fast! Risto started with some good examples and is trying to provoke us to think, I like him, this is how you should interact with the audience! We talked about value proposition and how you should fail fast in order to succeed sooner. I also liked the example that people don’t need 4 inches drill, they need 4 inches hole.

Ad drawing

#11:06 AM We started discussing different ads and their structure – picture, headline, copyright.. how people read from top to bottom and how important it is to be specific – who is your customer, what are you offering and why and so on.. we did an ad for our idea about gamification and we focused on bar owners as target customers.

Here is our master piece:


#12:22 AM The second part of the workshop is over, the whole group was very pleased with what we did and how we interacted with Risto. Now, time for lunch and a visit to Multitouch 🙂

#02:04 PM Trip to the company like a boss, private bus, EIT rules :)) Singing happy bday Anca and playing poker during the trip. Multitouch is an amazing company, be sure to check it out! I love it when we actually meet people that have done something meaningful, not only know the stuff on theory. We played with lots of stuff, asked questions, it’s good to visit places like this and gain motivation.


#04:03 PM Time for mini-golf! it’s sunny outside and we made some photos. The game is fun but it bored me quite fast.. afterwards an hour by the beach.

#07:08 PM Hotel, a bit of a rest, dinner and who knows afterwards.. happy bday Anca, again! 🙂