Dear Friend, This Is The End

Started the day with a more than interesting visit to start-up sauna… what an amazing environment to work in! It is one of those work-space that could inspire you everyday, and not only for the cool furniture, but also for the ecosystem of interaction and projects that are made available by the start-up members.


The colleague from Oulu are joining us.. all together to present… little revival… and we are ready!
Unfortunately we didn’t win (there will be watermelon ninjas all around), but it’s fine, we learn so much while working at the project. What else to say… congratulations to team USKOMATON 😀

This will be the last night in Helsinki for most of us, let’s get the most out of it!!!
But before going to the city there is still time for some culture-related stuff.


This is art!



Get Ready! Let’s Practice!

A lot of great talks today! First Cormac Walsh from Avansera, with some nice insight from the start-up ecosystem, then Jesse Sandqvist with digital marketing, Mikko Nurmi with user experience and finally a concrete overview of the Open Innovation reality from Jyri Hämäläinen.

Yeah, a lot of great stuff, but no problem, starting your day with a groupselfie is a really good energy boost!!


Also a lot of work have been put into the presentation for tomorrow: the story is getting better and better (<3 Kyle), and now that we added the missing parts it seems perfect.. it is perfect! We have a wonderfully rendered prototype.. if somebody here is willing to share their 3D printer let us know!
Everything is there, so it is time to practice: because we are cool, don’t like to waste time and don’t believe in physics we decided that two Jasmin(?s) are better than one.


And by the way, don’t you think that ninjas and watermelons are a wonderful combination?