Dear Friend, This Is The End

Started the day with a more than interesting visit to start-up sauna… what an amazing environment to work in! It is one of those work-space that could inspire you everyday, and not only for the cool furniture, but also for the ecosystem of interaction and projects that are made available by the start-up members.


The colleague from Oulu are joining us.. all together to present… little revival… and we are ready!
Unfortunately we didn’t win (there will be watermelon ninjas all around), but it’s fine, we learn so much while working at the project. What else to say… congratulations to team USKOMATON 😀

This will be the last night in Helsinki for most of us, let’s get the most out of it!!!
But before going to the city there is still time for some culture-related stuff.


This is art!





First of all I would like to refer you all to our first post
You can’t say we didn’t warn you ;-P

Yesterday was the day of the presentations, aaand WE WON! Yuri did a fantastic job of presenting our idea clearly and effectively. However, we must say that all the SMART SPACES teams did a amazing job with the presentations, and it’s unbelievable the amount of work we could all achieve in the space of 2 weeks! Together we have create 5 great new business possibilities!

Here’s some photos from the celebrations of yesterday…





Oh… also… in the morning before the presentations we went to visit start-up sauna, Super cool place! and the events they arrange seem really interesting, who knows maybe you’ll see TEAM USKOMATON there sometime soon 😉




Summer school in Helsinki has been great! and we have all had a fantastic time!


We love you too Aalto ❤



Presentations day!

Today, the summer school day started with a nice visit to a sauna. This is not your regular sauna that you might be thinking of, this was the startup sauna, which is located at the campus of Alto University in Helsinki. In these facilities, new entrepreneurs have the chance to begin their journey with their new startups, where they will be given the space for free where they can work as well as get additional benefits, most important of which is coaching for their new business. But that is not all, the startup sauna not only offers this for the new startups, they also have different programmes, where they shape the new startups and lead them on the road to success, they organize meetings and conferences, where the new businesses get to meet investors, who might be interested in them.

Startup Sauna


After that, we went back to our classroom, where we had to present our work that we’ve been working on for the past two weeks. The day before, the other summer school in Finland joined us too, so today we were a bigger group, which means double the ideas! It was very interesting to see the ideas that our colleagues from Future Cloud summer school had come up with, and most of them were quite good ideas too!

SmartSix presenting Tryon

Once we were finished with the presentations, we got the chance to socialize more with our colleagues during lunch time, some of which we knew from before, and some of which were coming from other EIT ICT Labs nodes. It was fun, however the suspense was keeping us thrilled to go back to the classroom, where the feedback for our presentations was to be given to us, and more importantly, the best teams from both the summer schools were to be announced.

GIM - the smiling, happy robot!

Unfortunately for us, our team didn’t get to win, however we still felt proud for our colleagues and for the fact that the jury and the organizers were happy with us and the progress we’ve done during the two weeks of time. We were also awarded with certificates for completing the summer school.

In the end there was an event for the launch of the Helsinki ICT – a doctoral school by EIT. We got the chance to meet with some of the fellow students who will be attending this school, so we had some fun time and dinner at the restaurant in the Open Innovation Center.



How time flies!!

Unfortunately, we are coming end of the summer school. Everybody is excited because of the presentations. Our guests(Oulu summer school) arrived yesterday but they are not seen excited like us 🙂

Anyway, in the morning we went Startup Sauna. We found a quite untidy place. They said the reason is party which they had last week. President of Aaltoes Kasper Suomalainen gave us a presentation about their startups and events. They advised us to “Get out our comfort zone”. During the presentation we started thinking about how lucky they are. After this impressive presentation, we took a tour inside their working space.     




2014-08-21 09.44.17


When we arrived to the open innovation house, room was arranged in a different format. But luckily  we found our table 🙂

2014-08-21 11.41.08


Presentation started about what is computer vision? Ivan Laptev showed us some mockups to understand it. After the mockups, we learnt some applications like, visual search, predicting crowd behaviour and counting people, motion capture and animation.

After lunch, 10 groups started their presentations. All groups did very well work.


Congratulations Uskomaton !!




Hump day

Amazing day today! First we started with a selfie or I would say groupie with our first lecturer Cormac Walsh. He told us very interesting stuff about startups, we discussed that the two currently trendy areas are SaaS and consumer markets, how we should have personal and financial freedom when we are starting a business, how we shouldn’t hire friends and so on. He stressed that the team and the idea have to be equally good and you have to be very stubborn in order to succeed.

If you are in the right stage of your life, do it.

The marketing presentation by Jesse Sandqvist was also cool, telling us how mass markets are turning into a mass of niches, and B2C is going C2B. We discussed the factor of loyalty, which nowadays turns out to be the most important thing you want to achieve and how nobody wants a price-driven costumers. For startups, it turns out that the most effective marketing is to use your own media – packages, social media, mailing lists, etc.In the end we discussed the trendy topic of marketing automation and how hard it is to interact with customers’ different systems.

The last presentation, and for me the most important one was about User Experience by Mikko Nurmi. He covered the lifecycle of Service Design that creates or improves existing services by making them more useful, usable and efficient for everyone – consumers, businesses, organizations. 

Afterwards the fun part begun! We realized that Berkay and Francesco have the same bags.


Afterwards, we had to finish our presentation and we were working on our report so we can complete it before leaving Helsinki on Friday. We had to pick photos for our team sheet. Turned out that this is a very hard task for some of us 😀 (I won’t mention names). We also discovered that we have a secret karaoke singer among us and we are waiting for his performance! 😀 Outside was raining anyway so we did our best but we had to continue in the hotel lobby after the dinner with the guys from Oulu’s summer school of Future Cloud that arrived today. We socialized a bit and we practiced our presentation afterwards. Tomorrow is the big day, no doubt we will be the best team! 😀

Getting Ready for the finals!


And so the summer school continues, on the third day of the second week of the summer school, just one day before the final presentations the teams make the final adjustments and receive valuable feedback from the mentors.


The team SmartSix, discusses the final details on how to do the financial protections in an effective way and an extensive market research is performed during the day in order to find the right statistics to prove the value of the company.

In the morning Cormac Walsh from Fonecta talks about his experience on starting companies. Right after Jesse Sandqvist shares his knowledge about marketing and presents his insights about the future of marketing and how it is changing because people are not so receptive to advertisement anymore.


After lunch Mikko Nurmi talks about user experience, a very interesting talk for the HCID students, in my case is an area that I want to specialize in so it’s encouraging to see startups focusing in this business and having an idea of how user experience works in the industry. Afterwards Jyri Hämäläinen talks about Open innovation and shares his perspective on standardization and knowledge sharing between academy and industry and how the EU does efforts to facilitate innovation.


After the lectures we continued working on the Final presentations and getting ready for the big day!

Miguel Rodriguez


Lots of lectures and final presentation prep!

Today we had a day with lots of lectures the first was from Cormac Walsh about setting up a start-up company, it was quite interesting, but it felt as if he was talking only from is own experience and obviously everyone’s experience is going to be different. So I guess it’s difficult what exactly it takes to set up a start-up company. Just lots of hard work! He gave some good advice about the DO’s and DON’Ts of running a start-up such as only take 6 months worth of the money and the development should be paid for by the customers.

The next presentation was by Jesse Sandqvist about digital marketing. It was a good lecture with great slide, but I felt it was quite hard to follow! He had some good points on the future of marketing, suggesting that it’s now about C2B and not B2C. The challenge is to get the customer to approach the business.


We also had a really good lecture from Mikko Nurmi about User Experience. I personally was really interested in this lecture as I would like to go in to this field after graduating. It was particularly interesting to find out how a user experience agency works and good to know they actually go out and visit user in the field for their work.


The final lecture was by Jyri Hämäläinen from NOKIA Open Innovation, he spoke about NOKIA case studies such as standardisation, and some graphene thing.It be honest it was difficult to follow too. An interesting part was when he suggested that universities really contribute to them when they collaborate together because the open innovation is ingrained in them.

After a good first presentation and some valuable feedback yesterday we finished up our presentation slides and spent the evening creating our user-story and practicing the pitch.


See you for the presentation showdown tomorrow!!


Get Ready! Let’s Practice!

A lot of great talks today! First Cormac Walsh from Avansera, with some nice insight from the start-up ecosystem, then Jesse Sandqvist with digital marketing, Mikko Nurmi with user experience and finally a concrete overview of the Open Innovation reality from Jyri Hämäläinen.

Yeah, a lot of great stuff, but no problem, starting your day with a groupselfie is a really good energy boost!!


Also a lot of work have been put into the presentation for tomorrow: the story is getting better and better (<3 Kyle), and now that we added the missing parts it seems perfect.. it is perfect! We have a wonderfully rendered prototype.. if somebody here is willing to share their 3D printer let us know!
Everything is there, so it is time to practice: because we are cool, don’t like to waste time and don’t believe in physics we decided that two Jasmin(?s) are better than one.


And by the way, don’t you think that ninjas and watermelons are a wonderful combination?

Team AQUA Day 3 #week2

Today was quite a busy day so far; we started with presentation from @Cormac Walsh who is an entrepreneur himself. The talk was very interesting as he shared some of his experience in founding new innovative startups and also discussed in detail some of the key threats, due to which a startup can fail. He emphasized that a startup should examine the market and its costumers needs with care, and should watch out for its competitors. A key take away from his talks was that both, idea and team are very vital for the startup and the team should be 100% committed to startup. He was particularly very strict on hiring friends in the company, and also suggesting not being friendly with the employee.

Seed digital media:

The second presentation of the day was from @Jesse on digital marketing. His starting of presentation was really interesting, as he explained about the Mad Men era (probably in 1970’s). In that era it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you did, everything was working fine. But nowadays there are so many choices to buy from.

He explained that recently the consumer market is shifting from B2C to C2C market. It is very important to know about what the customers’ desire from the company. His classification for the customer’s needs was quite interesting, as he summarized his results into 6 points;

photo (12)

Well in the last he explained about the customer lifecycle. But altogether marketing is all about knowing your customer, and then targeting it.

photo (11)

Speaker @Mikko Nurmi from LEADIn

Well it was quite an interesting talk, and one of the very relevant talks on user experience in smart spaces. The speaker started by explaining key concepts and their importance for customer provided QoS.

He explained the tools such as Persona’s, prototyping, usability, prototype testing etc. which can help to provide desired User experience and can improve the existing provided services and improve the service design of existing services.


If Mikko talked us about how to define the scope of the project, schedule for user driven activities, about the definition phase and design, the last presentation for today was about Open Innovation, presented by Jyri Hämäläinen from Nokia Corporation. Jyri gave us as example Demola to understand better co-creation with the best talents, then presented the scope for the Industry Alliance in terms of Benefits and opportunity. Finally, he introduced us the new big thing: Graphene Flagship as a credible starting point for new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields.

photo (13)


The conclusion for today: If we do not fail often, then we did not try enough.

Pitch Sessions!

Tuesday…or better Pitchday!

Today we had our first presentations and we had some additional time to prepare for it until 11. After the inspirational talk by Aape yesterday we really focused on the story, maybe too much. We made up a nice little story about Kyle and how he gets smarter after playing with Hypio (yeah, that’s our product’s name). The other teams and also Christian gave us useful feedback in order to improve the concept and the presentation itself! We had done a nice job with the story, but did not explain the product and competition in a good way. All presentations have been very nice, even if the only feedback that counts is the one coming from investors!

We spent the afternoon at Nokia, for the second and last case company visit. He tried to explain what was the development of Nokia, how they managed to decrease the presence in the phone market so much. Additionally he showed us other projects by Nokia, like the penguin robot.