How time flies!!

Unfortunately, we are coming end of the summer school. Everybody is excited because of the presentations. Our guests(Oulu summer school) arrived yesterday but they are not seen excited like us 🙂

Anyway, in the morning we went Startup Sauna. We found a quite untidy place. They said the reason is party which they had last week. President of Aaltoes Kasper Suomalainen gave us a presentation about their startups and events. They advised us to “Get out our comfort zone”. During the presentation we started thinking about how lucky they are. After this impressive presentation, we took a tour inside their working space.     




2014-08-21 09.44.17


When we arrived to the open innovation house, room was arranged in a different format. But luckily  we found our table 🙂

2014-08-21 11.41.08


Presentation started about what is computer vision? Ivan Laptev showed us some mockups to understand it. After the mockups, we learnt some applications like, visual search, predicting crowd behaviour and counting people, motion capture and animation.

After lunch, 10 groups started their presentations. All groups did very well work.


Congratulations Uskomaton !!





Hump day

Amazing day today! First we started with a selfie or I would say groupie with our first lecturer Cormac Walsh. He told us very interesting stuff about startups, we discussed that the two currently trendy areas are SaaS and consumer markets, how we should have personal and financial freedom when we are starting a business, how we shouldn’t hire friends and so on. He stressed that the team and the idea have to be equally good and you have to be very stubborn in order to succeed.

If you are in the right stage of your life, do it.

The marketing presentation by Jesse Sandqvist was also cool, telling us how mass markets are turning into a mass of niches, and B2C is going C2B. We discussed the factor of loyalty, which nowadays turns out to be the most important thing you want to achieve and how nobody wants a price-driven costumers. For startups, it turns out that the most effective marketing is to use your own media – packages, social media, mailing lists, etc.In the end we discussed the trendy topic of marketing automation and how hard it is to interact with customers’ different systems.

The last presentation, and for me the most important one was about User Experience by Mikko Nurmi. He covered the lifecycle of Service Design that creates or improves existing services by making them more useful, usable and efficient for everyone – consumers, businesses, organizations. 

Afterwards the fun part begun! We realized that Berkay and Francesco have the same bags.


Afterwards, we had to finish our presentation and we were working on our report so we can complete it before leaving Helsinki on Friday. We had to pick photos for our team sheet. Turned out that this is a very hard task for some of us 😀 (I won’t mention names). We also discovered that we have a secret karaoke singer among us and we are waiting for his performance! 😀 Outside was raining anyway so we did our best but we had to continue in the hotel lobby after the dinner with the guys from Oulu’s summer school of Future Cloud that arrived today. We socialized a bit and we practiced our presentation afterwards. Tomorrow is the big day, no doubt we will be the best team! 😀

Pitches, bitches!

After a long and rainy Monday, here we are again at the Open Innovation Space in Otaniemi.

We had till 11 a.m. to work with our group on the pitch, which should have started straight after. We were helped by Christian, who gave us important feedbacks both for the slides and the content.

Probably due to the storm that was raging outside (kiddin’), but the WiFi sucked so we had some unexpected problems while working on the GoogleDoc. But all in all we started the report and completed the first version of the presentation in time, surprising 🙂

A-moose group working hard to finalise the presentation

A-moose group working hard to finalise the presentation

The presentations were really cool, almost all the groups seemed to have learnt yesterday’s lesson by Aape Pohjavirta! Our group well behaved I would say, I was the improvised speaker but the slide themselves were clear and eye-catching. Thanks Aape 😀

Franz (myself) while pitching

Franz (myself) while pitching

At 3 p.m. we had a presentation by Leo Kärkkäinen, Member of Nokia CTO Technology Council and ex-workmate of Petri. He talked us about Nokia switch after the fall in mobile tech and showed us some cool technology researches. 

Leo talking about Nokia Research Centre

Leo talking about Nokia Research Centre

A Nokia psyduck created for young Pokémon trainers

A Nokia Psyduck created for young Pokémon trainers

Second week

Today we had a presentation dealing with indoor environmental quality monitoring using data concerning customers’ habits , that will be promoted and improved using analytics.
After lunch, we have discussed together each team project and exchanged ideas and critics, namely the manner to publish the project idea, the possible gain amount, etc..
Later, the two hours were consecrated to the the report and the presentation preparation.
The last session was very famous with Mr A. Pohjavirta. We learned how it is important to create a WHY to guarantee a project’s success.


Imene Yahyaoui

Traveling time

On Saturday,  we went to Suomenlinna , a nice island in Finland. We enjoyed the sunny day there  and the beautiful views of the island 😀


On Sunday, we enjoyed the beauty of medieval European cities: TALLINN  WAAAAAAW, the  souvenirs shops  and gardens city: the japanese garden. Hope to come back to visit it again 🙂

DSC03330 DSC03445

Thanks friends for the nice time 😀

Imene Yahyaoui





A-moose #Day 5


Privacy is always an interesting topic since internet connects all of us and we share photos, locations and ideas via it. Now smart spaces even will connect your refrigerator, your living room or even your bathroom! How could personal data be protected, where is the boundary line should be?

Discussion are around the following perspectives:

  • Personal privacy
  • Information privacy
  • Expectation of privacy within technology
  • Social media, sharing, surveillance
  • “Nothing to fear, nothing to hide”
  • Limits of privacy and the acceptable loss of privacy
  • Privacy as an innovator

Around these topics Ian gave a lot of examples which related. Facebook, Google and Apple… All these companies possess a huge amount of user data.  What they are able to do and what they should do with these data resulted in interesting arguments.


We chose the program from Spaceify. From yesterday we stuck in the point that how we could make money of it and what is the revenue model should be. After discussion with Christian we decided to change to multiple-user gambling games for bars. Thanks Christian!


Better food!



Indoor tracking is a very essential problem for smart spaces. Accurate indoor tracking makes other smart spaces applications possible. The solution provided by Quuppa is that with locators and tags, locators can detect tags, with the information about the height of locators or distance between 2 locators and the angels between locators and tags, we can calculate the position of the tag. Now each locator can detect in the range of 50 meters and in the future the range will increase, so the number of locators and cost will be reduced.

Quuppa stresses on the problem and provide a feasible solution based on Bluetooth which has been applied to several programs successfully. Good job!


A lot of suggestions.

–Group work


After we established the idea of gambling game. We discussed around it. Now main problem is about the growth strategy. From which country we started, after that which countries we should expand to. The difficulty of country selection is that gambling games company needs special license and there are also tax issues. Based on these concerns we searched the suitable countries to start. Now the decision is that we will start form UK because the winner don’t need to pay tax for the government and gambling is kind of popular in the country. And after that we will enter other countries.


–Next task



Inspiration of Helsinki

The fourth day of the summer school started with a lecture by Arhi Kivilahti. He shared his competences and experiences regarding retails and especially his inspirations by the UK retail market. However, after the long Wednesday night nobody seemed ready to learn new things or contribute to their projects 😀

2014-08-13 10.11.08

Today was a big decision day for our group and after the coffee break we did a brainstorming session about our airport gamification idea. This idea seemed a bit tricky mainly because the placement of displays might be a problem. At this point we felt desperate and decided to pivot to our previous gamification idea regarding bars. Christian advised us to analyze Funworld Photoplay*.

After the delicious lunch (salmon with carrots and potatoes) we had an Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) lecture. Before the lecture Timo Nyberg conducted a survey about it. Most of us did some assumptions about patent issues but in general most of the students were unfamiliar with the topic. In the middle of the lecture Timo Nyberg repeated the survey. As you can see below some of us learnt a lot of new things (Blue=Before lecture, Red=After lecture). 

2014-08-14 17.06.50

At the end of the day we came back to our initial idea. Unfortunately, we are still uncomfortable about the monetisation part.

We hope we will resolve it soon!

See you tomorrow.


*Funworld Photoplay is an entertainment terminal which gives people to compete each other all over the world. 

Day #3.. a-mooouse

#7:01 AM Waking up, showers, preparations, then breakfast.. there was a storm during the night so everyone looks kinda sleepy.

#8:32 AM Leaving for the summer school, today we were adventurous and took bus 102 instead of 103 😀

#9:02 AM Now, vote! Should we go to play mini-golf after the company visit or not? What about the weather? Decisions, decisions..

#9:05 AM Risto presented himself and the Service Design workshop is about to start. He is a hobby photographer and is going to have an exhibition #snapshot. I think we should go, he also told us about other interesting thing going to happen around the city.. summer in Helsinki is exciting (if it doesn’t rain)!

#9:11 AM No, please! Discussion number 2198212837 on what is innovation. Happily, this one was fast! Risto started with some good examples and is trying to provoke us to think, I like him, this is how you should interact with the audience! We talked about value proposition and how you should fail fast in order to succeed sooner. I also liked the example that people don’t need 4 inches drill, they need 4 inches hole.

Ad drawing

#11:06 AM We started discussing different ads and their structure – picture, headline, copyright.. how people read from top to bottom and how important it is to be specific – who is your customer, what are you offering and why and so on.. we did an ad for our idea about gamification and we focused on bar owners as target customers.

Here is our master piece:


#12:22 AM The second part of the workshop is over, the whole group was very pleased with what we did and how we interacted with Risto. Now, time for lunch and a visit to Multitouch 🙂

#02:04 PM Trip to the company like a boss, private bus, EIT rules :)) Singing happy bday Anca and playing poker during the trip. Multitouch is an amazing company, be sure to check it out! I love it when we actually meet people that have done something meaningful, not only know the stuff on theory. We played with lots of stuff, asked questions, it’s good to visit places like this and gain motivation.


#04:03 PM Time for mini-golf! it’s sunny outside and we made some photos. The game is fun but it bored me quite fast.. afterwards an hour by the beach.

#07:08 PM Hotel, a bit of a rest, dinner and who knows afterwards.. happy bday Anca, again! 🙂


DAY #2: getting started

The morning lesson started a bit slowly. Indeed, on Monday afternoon we had created the groups, so what we did now was to define them precisely, sending emails to “teacher” Christian, setting a GDrive folder and picking a name. It wasn’t easy, but then we thought “We are in Finland, let’s choose something typical!”, therefore we decided to use a moose in a very nerd and self-confident way, naming us “A-moose”, as if we already were an amusing start-up.


We wrote the first post on the WordPress blog of the SSP Summer School and Christian explained to us the modalities of evaluation for this 2-weeks “course” and some basic tips on how the final presentations should be. Since on the instructions there is written “Feel free to write about anything you […] disliked during that day”, let’s say I am sort of scared / worried / disappointed about thinking that 50% of the final grade will be the report we will have to write AFTER the Summer School. If maths is not an opinion, it means we should spend on it more or less the same amount of hours we spent in the 2 previous weeks, which is A LOT! O.o

We spent some time seeking inspirations, areas of interest and having a Brainstorming session, in order to get some rough ideas of what we might be interested in regarding Smart Spaces.

Crappy photo but a-moosing people

Crappy photo but a-moosing people

The afternoon was extremely long (and sunny, outside T.T) and lot of us looked sleepy and a bit tired, probably we need to get used to get back to school after the Summer Holidays. We were presented six cases: HERE, U-HOPPER, FONECTA, P&G, URBAN MILL and SPACEIFY, which is the one my group picked to present through Business Model Canvas. Actually still working on it at the present moment, will catch up tomorrow with a new marvellous and amoosing post.

Kiss kiss, GG



P.S. Tomato soup with chicken is insane