Dear Friend, This Is The End

Started the day with a more than interesting visit to start-up sauna… what an amazing environment to work in! It is one of those work-space that could inspire you everyday, and not only for the cool furniture, but also for the ecosystem of interaction and projects that are made available by the start-up members.


The colleague from Oulu are joining us.. all together to present… little revival… and we are ready!
Unfortunately we didn’t win (there will be watermelon ninjas all around), but it’s fine, we learn so much while working at the project. What else to say… congratulations to team USKOMATON ūüėÄ

This will be the last night in Helsinki for most of us, let’s get the most out of it!!!
But before going to the city there is still time for some culture-related stuff.


This is art!



Get Ready! Let’s Practice!

A lot of great talks today! First Cormac Walsh from Avansera, with some nice insight from the start-up ecosystem, then Jesse Sandqvist with digital marketing, Mikko Nurmi with user experience and finally a concrete overview of the Open Innovation reality from Jyri Hämäläinen.

Yeah, a lot of great stuff, but no problem, starting your day with a groupselfie is a really good energy boost!!


Also a lot of work have been put into the presentation for tomorrow: the story is getting better and better (<3 Kyle), and now that we added the missing parts it seems perfect.. it is perfect! We have a wonderfully rendered prototype.. if somebody here is willing to share their 3D printer let us know!
Everything is there, so it is time to practice: because we are cool, don’t like to waste time and don’t believe in physics we decided that two Jasmin(?s) are better than one.


And by the way, don’t you think that ninjas and watermelons are a wonderful combination?

Pitch Sessions!

Tuesday…or better Pitchday!

Today we had our first presentations and we had some additional time to prepare for it until 11. After the inspirational talk by Aape yesterday we really focused on the story, maybe too much. We made up a nice little story about Kyle and how he gets smarter after playing with Hypio (yeah, that’s our product’s name).¬†The other teams and also Christian gave us useful feedback in order to improve the concept and the presentation itself! We had done a nice job with the story, but did not explain the product and competition in a good way. All presentations have been very nice, even if the only feedback that counts is the one coming from investors!

We spent the afternoon at Nokia, for the second and last case company visit. He tried to explain what was the development of Nokia, how they managed to decrease the presence in the phone market so much. Additionally he showed us other projects by Nokia, like the penguin robot.


Weekend between Finland and Estonia

After a long and intense week finally weekend had arrived!


The plan for Saturday was to visit Suomenlinna, which was very interesting. We had lunch all together and then walked around the island. We were very lucky to havenice and warm weather so we have also been able to lay under the sun and get a tan.IMG_6819 

For the evening we planned to discover something about the nightlife in Helsinki. 

On Sunday we booked the fair to Tallinn, as we many advised us to visit the city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We split in smaller groups and visited the city, walked around and spent a nice day.


We enjoyed the weekend a lot as we had the possibility to visit nice places and discover new things.

Off with the weekend and in with the work

The Klovni kala’s were a bit sleepy over the weekend with all the trips we have been taking. First the lovely Suomenlinna island and then came the Sunday’s trip to Tallinn. ead0d61c4d0252db7c8203c3084b807465fb51d712d52628b78526bdcc09d7e52fa1c2016a2f63712caa04f718e3d281fb7e71824fcb0ff70e220e6abd2fbe21


After the weekend of travels and funny work discussions we’ve heated our chairs and came to Monday ready to make the best business model we can, and to make our idea fly!

2014-08-18 12.55.25

After time working on our canvas and pitch deck, we were kind of mind blown by the energy and effectiveness of the advices of Aape Pohjavirta. Although most of us were already well aware of all the biggest mistakes he pointed out, our pencils were still super hot with taking lots of notes, and getting everything he said into our minds and trying to put everything into use ASAP!

Ready for the weekday, team Klovni Kala!

#TGIF – We have something finally

Friday was super interesting for team Klovni Kala. Even though the day passed in shape of lecture on Privacy and Security by Prof. Ian Oliver, we are super happy that we finally have a clear idea on we are going to work at.

Any ideas? ūüôā

YES! We will do something interesting for the young ones ūüôā We are still shaping it up and want to build the perfect business model that will be the main pillar of our project and afterwards business. During the night we found also really interesting and inspiring ideas from Helsinki night happenings.

Be ready for us! ūüėČsmartkid

Slowly becoming retail and patent experts!

The morning started off pretty good with Arhi Kivilahti about retail. His presentation has been very nice and full of practical examples. 

 In the second part of the morning we could continue with the development of our idea, which was pretty good. As we have more ideas we like we spent the time trying to find competitors and checking how the market looks specifically. We split and searched for information and after this, one of our ideas was discarded due to big competitors with well developed products. We discarded the idea of the indoor tracking at exhibitions for merchants, to let them reach out to really interested potential clients. The idea of a smart space for kids sounds not bad to us, but we do not have any experience with kids of any kind. The consequence is we miss really basic stuff and information, but the idea is not discarded 100%.

photo 1 photo 2

The afternoon class about intellectual property and patents is interesting and new to many people. The  program ended earlier than usual and we used the remaining time to come up with ideas, but did not achieve anything more than in the morning.

Actually coming up with an idea is not difficult, but identifying the needs, market and competitors is more tricky. Finding real solutions to real problem is not that easy.

Hopefully after some sleep, we are more productive!

La notte porta consiglio.

This is a nice Italian saying, stating that sleeping an thinking about something may bring up some good advice.

#day3 – Product Development Time

We were extremely inspired today by amazing lecture on Service Design by Risto Sarvas. After plentiful advices on fast idea development and making prototypes efficiently, going early to the market and all the useful benefits of “fake it before you make it” technique in order to get early proofs of concepts and help distinguish poor solutions (and most importantly problems) from good and excellent ones.

Also the part that stuck with us most was the one about product advertizing and we were very much pushed to the fire by Risto, as we needed to decide extremely fast on which problem, that we were thinking of, to tackle first and try to build our case around. Quick decision making proved to be no big problem for our group and in the battle between B2G and B2B model we had, we decided to work on one that could potentially incorporate both. In accordance with our decision we made our first Advertizing poster, could you see what we came up with, just by looking at it.

Fake Ad RevisedDuring the work on our poster, although we were among last groups to finish, we also came up with an original and playful logo for our group and we got very nice feedback to our work. Next stop, getting to the market and trying to find proof of concept! Challenge accepted!


As all other teams, our group was too extremely happy about the visit to the MultiTouch which did amaze us with their powerful technology and great team that represented its solutions. It was truly an eye opening experience and motivation for future tasks and a real injection of enthusiasm for the challenges we will face ahead in upcoming days.

Hope tomorrow gets even better, we will do our best to be so.

Day2 but it somehow feels like Day1


What do a service engineer, a service designer, a digital media tech, a HCI expert and a security obsessed have in common?

We all love clown fish.

This was neither supposed to be funny nor make any sense, just describing the Klovni Kala team. We have different backgrounds, technical majors and interests and this helps us approach a problem from different points of view.

We had fun putting down the business model from one of the cases presented today, but we had more fun brainstorming and developing our own use case.