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We thank you for your business proposal submissions and expect to announce the grading results within 2 weeks from today.


 – SSP Team


Team AQUA Day 3 #week2

Today was quite a busy day so far; we started with presentation from @Cormac Walsh who is an entrepreneur himself. The talk was very interesting as he shared some of his experience in founding new innovative startups and also discussed in detail some of the key threats, due to which a startup can fail. He emphasized that a startup should examine the market and its costumers needs with care, and should watch out for its competitors. A key take away from his talks was that both, idea and team are very vital for the startup and the team should be 100% committed to startup. He was particularly very strict on hiring friends in the company, and also suggesting not being friendly with the employee.

Seed digital media:

The second presentation of the day was from @Jesse on digital marketing. His starting of presentation was really interesting, as he explained about the Mad Men era (probably in 1970’s). In that era it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you did, everything was working fine. But nowadays there are so many choices to buy from.

He explained that recently the consumer market is shifting from B2C to C2C market. It is very important to know about what the customers’ desire from the company. His classification for the customer’s needs was quite interesting, as he summarized his results into 6 points;

photo (12)

Well in the last he explained about the customer lifecycle. But altogether marketing is all about knowing your customer, and then targeting it.

photo (11)

Speaker @Mikko Nurmi from LEADIn

Well it was quite an interesting talk, and one of the very relevant talks on user experience in smart spaces. The speaker started by explaining key concepts and their importance for customer provided QoS.

He explained the tools such as Persona’s, prototyping, usability, prototype testing etc. which can help to provide desired User experience and can improve the existing provided services and improve the service design of existing services.


If Mikko talked us about how to define the scope of the project, schedule for user driven activities, about the definition phase and design, the last presentation for today was about Open Innovation, presented by Jyri Hämäläinen from Nokia Corporation. Jyri gave us as example Demola to understand better co-creation with the best talents, then presented the scope for the Industry Alliance in terms of Benefits and opportunity. Finally, he introduced us the new big thing: Graphene Flagship as a credible starting point for new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields.

photo (13)


The conclusion for today: If we do not fail often, then we did not try enough.

P i t c h i n g

For team SmartSix today was the most productive day so far. In the morning, we prepared for our first pitching and presented it. Being the first group to present, we did ok, but the suggestions and comments from the audience were very useful. We learned from the feedback that we should as always mainly focus on our value proposition, more particularly on our competitive advantage since we have many competitors for our business idea.

What makes our business idea unique and better than all the existing solutions is that we don’t burden the shopper with any kind of additional devices such as kinect, 3D body scanner, or multiple camera system. Our system works only on the end user’s web camera. Its fast and efficient since the algorithms we use give a robust solution. Through our virtually simulated fitting room, the shopper experience a realistic, fast and most importantly HIGH CONFIDENCE FITTING of the clothes he tries on through the plugin platform. Easy to use, realistic and immerse experience, and better fitting solutions give shoppers a relief from the many complains they encounter through the existing online shopping solutions. This in turn significantly reduces the high return rate of the retail shops, and their customers trust and rely on the online platform to purchase cloths from them. This strong value proposition is what today’s suggestions enabled us to focus on.

SmartSix. Intense discussions, coordination, and collaboration.......

SmartSix. Intense discussions, coordination, and collaboration…….

In the afternoon, we visited Nokia. Leo Kärkkäinen ( Member of Nokia CTO Technology Council and ex-workmate of Petri) quickly took us through its history. How it started, how it dominated 60% of the global sales, and how it dropped significantly to the current 4%. He also explained us what other directions and technology researches Nokia worked on after the fall of its mobile technology. In addition, he highlighted about focusing and diversifying cycles in innovation.

Mr Leo talking about focusing and diversifying cycles in innovation

Mr Leo talking about focusing and diversifying cycles in innovation

One of the cool things we saw in Nokia was the Psyduck created for young Pokémon trainers. Everyone was kinda existed about it, taking picture with it smiling!!!!

Nokia Psyduck

Nokia Psyduck

Overall, the day was full of energy, passion, team work and excitement about pushing forward our business idea. Now we are, more than anytime, clear about our business idea. And the more we know about it and the more we dig deep in to it, the more we fall in love with the idea and we can clearly see how it can transform online cloth shopping in to a new dimension.






AQUA #D2Week2

Well the day started with working on our first Pre-final presentation. In the morning we started to improve our slides for the presentation and later we presented our business idea.

The session was really interesting and beneficial, as it helped us to get the feedback and improve our slides more. It also gave us insights that what feature of our product RecipeSelector are more desirable and what features can be added more.

photo (9)


Today in totality was scheduled to be a Group Work session, as the whole day we were given a lot of time to work on our Business Model, and polish our slides set.

Later in the evening we had a visit to Nokia. It was nice to know about what the people are doing there and what the future vision is for the company. Some insights were also presented that why Nokia Failed.

photo (10)


Altogether the day was quite busy and fun, a lot of Group work, discussions and feedback.

AQUA #Day5

The morning lecture begins with the lecture on Privacy and Privacy Engineering. The professor motivated us for the topic, as to why privacy is very important and essential. The philosophy of privacy is the right to be let alone for example the government should not interfere with your business. Privacy is divided mainly in personal and information privacy.

Data Privacy:

One area that is important in terms of privacy is Data Privacy; i.e. ‘any data that can identify a person is a personal/private data’.



What is the limit of privacy i.e. when we can give up on privacy? For example Google offer us great applications and services based on our personal data. So giving personal data is not all together bad.

So privacy is a legal discipline and has an economic aspect it.  We were introduced to the difference between personal data, sensitive data and general traffic data. We were introduced to privacy Laws in  Europe and USA.


After the lecture we continued with our project work and final business plan report. We found new insights to our checklist. We did the market segmentation and did the pricing of our product.

photo (7)

After the lunch we had the great presentation from the startup Quuppa. Their indoor tracking technology is really efficient and there experience and difficulties they discussed with us from manufacturing of hardware and making new partners for example in China for hardware manufacturing was very useful.

A small demo was shown from the Shop in the class for tracking the customer’s movement in the shop.

photo (8)

In the end we had the feedback session for the first week. Well it was an interesting session as it was not about us, but was about the summer school as a whole. 

#Day3 Team Aqua

Team Aqua had a busy evening, as it was a birthday of one of the team member.

So continuing with explaining the whole day activity in reverse order, before the birthday all of us went to play Golf, it was an exciting experience as most of us were playing golf for the first time 😀


So lets get to Company visit; visiting Multi Taction , an amazing and quite innovative company. They just have a great culture of team work, and innovation. The coffee and the croissants makes us remember as if were  in Italy. We were very interested to understand the core technology used for Multi Touch functionality. We were discussing that if the company also provide an SDK for developing multi touch customized applications, and yes they do have it. And there API as told by their CEO also complement other development API. They have solutions that are working in medical services, like web microscope etc. As far as the vision is considered, when one of our team asked them; there reply was, they see themselves as focused only on adding more features on there existing infrastructure.


So lets come to the morning lecture. Amazing lecture by @rsarvas ; quite interactive, full of exercises that helped us shape our Business idea. In the lecture the professor motivated us to test the value proposition instantly. He described his experience about creating the proper value proposition and its importance. Normally companies spend one month or more for the coming up with a proper value proposition, and than testing it. But @rsarvas explained us, that it is better to create a value proposition for your idea and test it on everyday basis and with this procedure we can shape our value proposition. And to get feedback and what value we provide  to our customers, @rsarvas explained us to make a fake advertisement, go to our customer and get the feedback. This procedure will help us understand in more detail about the problem our customer is facing.


And finally our fake advertisement for our business idea; ReCiPe SelcTor