Assignment 2 – Biz Proposal

The purpose of this assignment is to create an A-grade business proposal for your idea.

The business proposal should be delivered in 2 forms:

  1. a pitch deck & presentation in the second week of the summer school
  2. a written business plan (report), that:
    1. documents your idea using the BM Canvas. (Illustrate the idea on the canvas and describe each of the 9 elements in a short paragraph)
    2. planning approach and
    3. gives additional details, background information, facts & numbers on your idea, incl.: Market size, segmentation, go-to-market and revenue models.


When you prepare your proposal, make sure to address at least the following areas in sufficient detail:

  • Customer
  • Problem you are solving
  • Solution you use to solve it
  • Market Size (total market, addressable market)
  • Product / Service you provide
  • Revenue model (Pricing type, tiers, etc.)
  • Go-to-Market & Growth strategy (Initial push, growth phase)
  • Competition (Direct competitors, Indirect competitors)
  • Competitive Advantage (Short term, vs. sustainable)
  • How much investment you ask for, why, and what you plan to do with the money
  • BONUS Points: Describe how you would validate your business model with the least possible effort.

Before preparing the actual pitch deck, its a good idea to read through the following examples very carefully:


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