Assignment 3 – Pitching & report

The last parts of your assignments are to

  1. present your pitch
  2. submit a written version of your business proposal (“report”) until Sept. 5th 2014 via email to .

Guide for report structure

An example of the headlines you could have in your report

  • Abstract or Exec Summary
  • Target Customers
  • The Problem (Problem you are solving)
  • The Market (Size of total market, addressable market)
  • XYZ
    • Description of your solution, how you solve the problem)
    • Description of your Product / Service (what it does, how it works, basic interaction flow between your product, the buyer, the user)
  • Revenue model (Pricing type, tiers, etc.)
  • Go-to-Market & Growth strategy (Initial push, growth phase)
  • Competition
    • Direct competitors, Indirect competitors)
    • Our Competitive Advantage (Short term, vs. sustainable) and/or your positioning among competitors (“Here is where we are on the map”)
  • Investment opportunity:
    • How much investment you ask for, why, and what you plan to do with the money
  • Validation (BONUS Points: Describe how you would validate the key assumptions of your business model with the least possible effort)
  • Team sheet (Names, photos, description of team members)
  • Business Model Canvas (Visualization of your BMC)
  • Summary of learning experience (Learning experience: what did you learn? Contents and process wise? What did you miss with respect to your own competences?)


Guidelines for report content:

  • Use the information of your  pitch deck as basis for the report.
  • On top of what you already show in your pitch deck, your report should provide additional detail: e.g.: How did you size the market, what were the basis for your assumptions, how does the product interaction and earning logic work in detail.
  • Further explain in each section the process how your group came up with the proposed solution. Describe both, how you came up with the content and what was the process that got you there. e.g. “We benchmarked 4 competitors in that space and found that they were all lacking X. We initially disagreed in the group on whether X was important, so we did a short survey among friends and found that the majority liked X. Hence we decided to use X as the key differentiator in our business model.”

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